9 Steps for Making a Budget

Are you starting from scratch? If you’re anything like me, you have a vague idea of what you spend every month, your “budget”. You don’t know exactly where all your money is going, but you generally spend less than you earn. Splurges happen! Impulse buys are fun, especially when you’re …

12 Days of Blogmas

Happy holidays!

I’ve been noticing a certain lag in the writing of this blog. I’ve gotten the instagram page going, been filming daily positivity videos, and linking to facebook and twitter. But what I would like to dedicate my time to now is writing. This is challenging because I know at first the writing is going to suck. I will look back on it and cringe! But as I’ve heard somewhere before, “Done is better than perfect.”

So to get past the initial road-blocks of “I don’t know what to write,” “I don’t like how the blog looks,” “Who is my audience?” and other such nonsense! I’m going to JUST WRITE.