Countdown to 2018, 4… Done is better than perfect!

In this writing phase of the learning curve I’m learning the truth in the statement, “Done is better than perfect!” I have fallen victim to the “perfection” demon too many times to mention. It’s stopped me from producing much original content. The truth is, nothing will ever be perfect, except for in it’s imperfection. We are always a work in progress. Sometimes something will work out in a way so beautiful it will seem as if it were perfect. But there is always another way, just as good, only different.

We are all snowflakes

This brings me to another point that reassures me. We are all so individual and unique, that any effort we make to create something will be just as unique as we are as individuals. There may be similarities, but no one can really be exactly the same. So competition is moot. Even though I know that there are thousands of personal finance bloggers out there, there is only one me. There will be people who gravitate towards my voice, towards my experience, and towards my way of being. Those people will be my tribe.

Apologizing in advance to my future self

I also know that it will take time to develop my voice. So in these beginning stages, I am prepared to look back on these blog posts someday in the future and wince, judging myself in my childish state. But just as a child learning to walk, I know that I will learn eventually, no matter how many times I fall.

Self reflection

One thing I am currently judging myself on is how I speak from the point of view of someone who is just experimenting. I speak from the first person about my own experiences. I am not speaking from a position of authority. So who is it that I am talking to? I hope to be talking to someone in my position now, someone who needs reassurance that we are not always perfect. I hope to reassure someone who is on the path just behind me, telling them that the way is clear. Don’t worry about the perfect placement of your footprint in the sand, just keep walking forward and leaving those footprints behind you.

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