Countdown to 2018, 3… Conquering facebook in the morning

Morning routine

I established the habit of waking up early and writing in the morning before doing ANYTHING else. Including checking facebook, the bane of progess when I should be getting ready for something.


I used to reach for my phone first thing in the morning, turn off the alarm, and TURN ON FACEBOOK. WHY????? I knew it was wrong! My half-asleep brain justified it by categorizing facebook as “awake,” so instead of sleeping in, I was awake, and so better than pressing snooze. NOT! Instead of getting up, I was pouring a bunch of random information into my brain, reacting to things, comparing myself to people who got more sleep than I did!

Mornings are mine! I rule my realm.

The change came when I saw a little video by Jim Kwik. He was talking about how checking facebook first thing in the morning is like giving away your sovereignty. Somehow that clicked. I was able to use that when I first woke up, as my finger hovered over the icon on the phone, and think, “Don’t give away your sovereignty!” It’s still taking a conscious effort, but I’ve managed to keep this new habit up for 7 days now. Now mornings are mine. Lol, I’m still struggling with instagram, but at least I don’t get stuck for hours and the material is more uplifting. Seriously now, it’s been wonderful to have an accomplishment under my belt even before I get out of bed. And I feel like I’m contributing in a positive way to the manifestation of a better life.

Preparing the night before

Part of my success in the morning has to do with reviewing my day the night before. I have a white board where I can jot down 3 things I need to remember to keep in mind the next day, so I can see it when I get out of bed. It helps get me out of dreamland mode where I have no responsibilities nor mountains to climb. Every little step counts.

Keeping the coffee ready to go

I keep my coffeemaker clean and ready the night before, so when I get up I don’t have to fuss much before that nice warm enjoyable comforting lovely cup of joe… Half decaf so I can sleep well at night. I also always have breakfast, because otherwise I’ll get so hangry I’ll loose my focus until I eat.


On an ideal morning, I will meditate for at least 20 minutes, perhaps 40, and if I’m lucky I’ll get an hour to myself. This personal time is SO important, and over the past couple of years of this morning habit I have reaped the benefits. More focus, confidence, drive, motivation, acceptance of self and others, love for others and self-love, and believing in myself to construct a new story!


I started this habit last year after attending a workshop given by my talented friend Melissa Hoon, who runs a non-profit journaling company called the Inner Awareness Center. I learned that journaling regularly, like meditation, helps rewire the brain for increased executive function and decreased activity in areas processing fear and anxiety. It also provides a space for self-reflection, and a way to look back and measure progress.

Not all these things happen every morning, but even with less than daily practice, the benefits are priceless.


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