Countdown to 2018… 2: It’s Getting Real

The Time is Now

It’s almost go time! 2018 is coming in 2 days! On January 1st we will be propelled into a new year. It’s these traditions of culture that bring meaning to life. For what purpose do we mark dates if not to celebrate change, to mark a difference from before, or to motivate a change in behavior? If the ability to change our behavior based on self-reflection is one of the things that makes us different from animals, then times like now are the right times to make a change.

Let it go!

A lot of change is coming for next year. In 2018, I’ll be letting go of identities that didn’t work for me. I’m stepping out into many new arenas where people don’t know me, where I don’t have a predetermined persona. I’m opening the doors to manifest myself and I’m letting go of the outcomes.


Identity is a funny thing. It can be hard to change- for example, I used to train a Brazilian martial art, called Capoeira. I started training in 1998, nearly twenty years ago. When I started, and for many years later, it was a huge part of my life. It WAS my life! I went to Brazil, I learned to speak Portuguese, I BECAME Brazilian! I still love Brazil. But I no longer train capoeira. It’s been hard for me to let go of that identity. This year I can finally say that I no longer train. I’m letting go of old parts of me so new parts can grow.

Financial coaching- a new venture

New growth this year… financial coaching. My goal is to help physical therapists with student loan debt get clear on priorities and values so they can plan their escape. Graduating with tons of debt can be so overwhelming it’s tempting to just turn a blind eye. Hopefully you’ve got steady work, so can at least pay the minimums. But after some time, it can get tiring- knowing that every month there’s a $1000+ minimum payment to make. The nice thing is that there IS work out there for PTs. We have so much to be grateful for. We may not be able to do EVERYTHING we want, but we can at least choose some things. It is so important to know what you want. When you know what you want, you can budget for it. Everything else gets thrown at the debt. I plan to help people with getting into the mindset of getting efficient with knowing which things will be the most satisfying, most life-fulfilling. That way you won’t need so much, and… everything else can get thrown at the debt. Step by step, you will reach that goal. Debt can be overwhelming but the goal of freedom from debt is so satisfying, at least to me, that I’m choosing to shift my identity to help other people do it too!




  1. I feel this way about beach volleyball. For 8-ish years it WAS who I am. Now I’m it frustrates me to organize games and be beholden to only being able to play if we have 4 people. I think that’s why I’ve turned to hiking more and other activities. I need to branch out who I am as well. Good luck with the financial coaching!

    • dr.rico

      Thanks girl! Hiking rocks! Can’t wait to do more next year. Do you backpack as well? After the marathon is over I’m going to focus on doing some backpacking trips in the summer/fall.

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