Blogmas Day 11: But WHY?

Within this question lies the backbone of all you will accomplish. Without knowing “Why,” the effort it takes to see something through to the finish peters out and disappears. The decisions you’ll need to make when faced with a crossroads will be difficult and take longer than they should. It …

Blogmas Day 4: Planning & Bullet Journals

Good morning folks! I LOVE planning. I may not necessarily always be organized, but I love the concept. I even looked into Urban Planning as a career, but decided I didn’t want to work in a bureaucratic environment, and went with physical therapy instead, logically, right? Anyways, I have always loved logging my activities in a calendar. I love being able to see everything out on paper, in one place. In high school, I took great pride in having something noted down for EVERY SINGLE DAY of the month.

Blogmas Day 3: Writer’s Block Already?

Today is my third day of blogging and I’ll have to say, I’m dragging. But I said I would do it, and I am holding myself accountable, so here I am. I’m pretending I have the app that will delete my words if I stop writing for 30 seconds, so I will keep writing. I am keeping in mind that my goal is to create valuable content- so from my experience this morning I will attempt to extrapolate some important notes for you.