Blogmas Day 9: YOLO!

I recently found a debt snowball calculator by @easy_budget that is AMAZING! It’s ridiculously simple to use. I finally gave it a good look today and HOW EMPOWERING IS IT TO LOOK AT YOUR DEBT PAYOFF DATE??!! So empowering I’m screaming at you in all caps! Now the reason I’m titling this post “YOLO” is because… well here is my thought process after getting my payoff date…

Stream of consciousness leads to YOLO

Ok so my payoff date is a good 3 years and 2 months from now. I’ll be 47, **which is still young!** After that I plan to save the same amount towards retirement, or buy income property for retirement, so my lifestyle won’t change- I’ll be getting used to the “frugal” lifestyle over the next year. So maybe by the time I’m 50 I’ll have saved enough for a down payment, and hey that’s still young! I mean, it’s unfortunate but in my profession I see people who are truly down and trust me they are not young- I’m talking 60s, 70s, 80s… In fact it was one of my motivating factors to see these old folks in my home health visits who are living in poverty. People who are living with several generations squeezed into a one bedroom apartment, with little to no resources to help them deal with poor health. When I saw that I knew I needed to start ramping up my efforts to get debt-free. I mean, YOLO, right?! Better to be debt-free at 47 than 57! I still have time to live my dreams- I just gotta get started now.


Back to this debt calculator. It’s an instant download available on Etsy if you click here for $9.99. Yes I bought it, and no I’m not an affiliate. This tool is EVERYTHING and I love how motivated it got me, and how excited I am to GET RID OF THIS DAMN DEBT!!!

Looking forward

It was shocking to sit in front of the computer with the actual timeline for WHEN the debt would be paid off. I mean, I kind of already knew, but it’s different when you see it on the spreadsheet. Then I found myself doing something I had NEVER done before- thinking of what I would do AFTER the debt was paid off. I mean, to me, this debt was going to last forever. There was never a point to imagining a life after debt. Wow. What a powerful tool.

Finally empowered enough to think of what I can do with my life, I can imagine a future in which I have the ability to do what I want. I just need to plan and save, keep meeting the little goals and building to bigger ones. For the first time I feel like I have control over my life. Instead of life happening, to me, I am happening to life! It feels like a superpower.

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