Blogmas Day 8: Ask and you shall receive

Awesome phone call worth $100!

Today I noticed a couple of interest charges on one of my credit card statements. Which wasn’t great, because I have my accounts on auto-pay to pay the full amount due every month. So I did what I’ve done in the past, pick up the phone and call the credit card agency. This card was with Chase, and I was pleasantly surprised to get a real human on the phone fairly quickly. I explained what I found, and discovered that there was indeed interest charged when I delayed my payment by a day in October because I wasn’t sure I had enough in the bank to cover it. Darn. But the guy on the phone said that since I’ve been consistently paying every bill in full and on time, he could waive the fees for me. Score! This was $99 savings on unnecessary interest! Despite the fact it was partly my fault for paying late.

Lesson learned: Review bank statements regularly

In looking at my statement, I also found another interest charge. Turns out it was from back in April. Whoops. I hadn’t checked my bank statement in 8 months! I asked if I could get that one revoked, but he said he couldn’t change anything older than 3 months. Oh well. That charge was for $29, so not as much as the $99. Lesson learned! Check your statements and if in doubt, call the bank to see what they can do. If you pay your bills on time and are in good standing, chances are you can get unnecessary fees revoked.

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