Blogmas Day 6: Sacrifice

So, one of the things about creating and sticking to a budget has been feeling the pain of a little bit of sacrifice. I say little bit because I truly have enough, and even if I couldn’t afford to buy anything for a month I would be ok.

Tired of being lazy…

The whole time I’ve been paying off my student loans, I’ve had a very lackadaisical approach. I always knew I would have a job, and didn’t mind spending a little extra on going out, on taking trips, going to conferences. After all, I wasn’t going overboard on tvs, cars, or housing. I paid the minimum but didn’t try to cut my payments. I took some time off from paying loans a couple times. The first time was to travel during the 6-month grace period after graduation and before loan payments kicked in. The second was after taking a course in Australia, a course which allowed me to defer my loans for almost a year in addition to taking another 4 month mini-retirement trip. Ah, the bliss of ignorance! And well, I’m not too badly off now, although I am concerned about the sad state of my retirement account.

Time to get serious

I’ve resolved to get serious about my loans for once and for all. This will require 3+ years of steady $1500 monthly payments. After that, I will be putting the same amount of money towards retirement, and perhaps towards buying a duplex… What will happen if I don’t pay that amount? I’ll be paying the minimums, and they will slowly drop down until I pay them all by 2029… It wouldn’t be so bad- if I were happy doing what I’m doing now. If I could see myself working physical therapy the way I am now until then, 12 years from now. No. My plan is to build something else. My goal with this blog is to use it as a platform to learn, grow, and monetize. At the same time I’ll experiment and fail until I succeed, on different projects, until I find something more fulfilling, something that satisfies my soul.

Time to get inspired

Hopefully this post resonates with someone, maybe someone who’s also looking to change their life. I didn’t know I wouldn’t enjoy the life of a physical therapist when I got started with it. I thought it was going to give my life meaning, and that I would enjoy – if not every bit of it, at least some of it. I’ve only recently started enjoying it again, only now that I can look forward to a potential escape route in the form of this blog. And who knows, perhaps it won’t give me the life I crave either. I don’t know. I just have to try something else. For this I’m willing to sacrifice, and turn my life into something of an experiment. To try to do things in a way I’ve never done, and put myself out there in a way I never have before. It makes me nervous and anxious but here I am.

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