Blogmas Day 5: Importance of friends

I love my friends!

Hello friends! In thinking of valuable content to share, I have two topics today. One is the importance of friends. In my journey towards being debt-free, I’ve cinched down a bit on entertainment costs. Next year I’ll create a budget for it. This year I’ve been a little haphazard, so I suspect it was a bit of a pitfall in terms of optimizing saving. Last night I was invited out to a dinner with friends. I considered not going to save money. But then I started to feel the cold fingers of doubt creep down my neck. I started to feel sorry for myself, I started to feel deprivation. I realized that I had not taken the time to spend with friends on a regular basis, and I KNOW it’s important to do so.


Splurging! :-0

So in light of maintaining my friendship with fun and positive people, I splurged and went! It was so worth it. Those brief moments of laughter and connection – that’s what I will remember about my life. These moments exist outside of time, and the benefits are far more than what a cushy bank account can provide.


Keep debt at bay

It’s also important to note that I didn’t go into debt for this dinner! It was just a bit more pricy than what I had planned, but not by much. And yes, there are definitely ways to hang with friends that don’t involve dinner, and we definitely made plans to hang out again after tonight!

So my takeaway from this blog post is that it’s important to budget in fun and time with friends, and it’s ok if you have to splurge a little sometimes. Peace of mind, laughter, and fun are all priceless.

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