Blogmas Day 4: Planning & Bullet Journals

Good morning folks! Isn’t planning great? I may not necessarily always be organized, but I love the concept. I even looked into Urban Planning as a career, but decided I didn’t want to work in a bureaucratic environment, and went with physical therapy instead, logically, right? Anyways, I have always loved logging my activities in a calendar. I love being able to see everything out on paper, in one place. In high school, I took great pride in having something noted down for EVERY SINGLE DAY of the month. At that time, it was not so much about planning as about having something to do every day. (Side note- it wasn’t homework!) For the past couple of years, I’ve been using Google as my planner, and it’s done a pretty good job at keeping track of appointments and reminding me of payments and such. But my interest has been piqued by the concept of a Bullet Journal.

Bullet Journaling

From what I’ve gathered, Bullet Journaling is a free-form way of structuring a planner that works with you. You actually create the structure using pen and ink, and a ruler. Some people make beautiful works of art with washi tape and colored markers.


I think mine will probably not be museum quality, but my goal is for it to be functional. I’ll use it to backtrack from my vision, to goals, to tasks, to daily steps. I’d also like to track budgeting and plan spending, set up a quarterly marketing event for my physical therapy business, plan my meal prep, keep me on track with an editorial calendar for this blog, prepare for upcoming travel, and reflect on life and goals as I achieve and surpass them! Whew- that sounds like a lot, but with the customizable nature of a bullet journal, I think I can do it.

Blank pages… So much potential!

I did a little research into how others have set up their journals, and what I’m most inspired by is the prospect of being able to look at the raw information that comes spilling out and morphing it into a meaningful, organized whole. Which I can then learn from and do better. As Maya Angelou says, when you know better, you do better. _I did then what i Knew How to do. Now that I know better, I do better_(1)

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