Blogmas Day 3: Writer’s Block Already?

Writer’s Block already? Today is my third day of blogging and I’ll have to say, I’m dragging. But I said I would do it, and I am holding myself accountable, so here I am. I’m pretending I have the app that will delete my words if I stop writing for 30 seconds, so I will keep writing. I am keeping in mind that my goal is to create valuable content- so from my experience this morning I will attempt to extrapolate some important notes for you.

The Process

Not everybody goes through the same process, and I’ve gathered there are several reasons for my sluggishness, aka writer’s block. One is that I am coming up to a deadline of sorts- at the end of the week I have to make a decision on whether or not to sign up for something, a physical therapy-related convention, that costs $820, an amount that I don’t have. In addition, there will be food and lodging costs and associated travels costs, although thankfully I have enough miles that the flight would be at no cost. This morning I woke up a little anxious about this upcoming decision, and so BEFORE I started writing this post I kind of went down a rabbit hole of possibilities.


What if I stayed less nights? What it I stayed in an AirBnb instead of the hotel? Hmm, I could make food in the kitchen and save on restaurant food! How much is it to Uber from an AirBnb? etc… It was an attempt to calm down my mind, but I think I ended up agitating myself even more.

Morning Routine

In the past, I created a morning routine that including meditation- sitting in calm silence before beginning my day. It also included eating breakfast and having coffee, two things that I have continued. In the past couple of weeks, since starting this blogmas challenge, actually, I’ve stopped with the meditation. The reason being mostly time- I wanted to do the most important thing first, the blog post. Before even meditation.Which, for a while, WAS the most important thing.

But then I found I spent too much time on the blog, no time for meditation before I have to jet out the door. Perhaps the lack of this part of my morning routine is causing my anxiety to rise?


Another aspect to my bleh-blog moment this morning could be burning up decision-making points too much, too fast. In my research on how to calm my anxious mind, I’ve found truth in the idea that decision-making is fatiguing. Not in the sense that it’s bad to make decisions, but that every time you make a decision you burn a little of your available resources. The less resources, the more brain-fatigue, and more anxiety. So automating aspect to life to take away decision-making can leave the brain free to make decisions on more important things. So this morning, I found myself trying to make decisions based on this conference, burning out my decision-making brain cells before I even sat down at the computer to write out a bunch of words- making decisions on every single typed word as I go!

The Success!

Well would you look at that! I think I’ve actually written the blog post! Its four paragraphs long, I’ve got sub-headers, the words make sense, and I think I’m done! Wow, I feel better already! This is amazing! Writer’s block begone! And how amazing is this roller-coaster of emotions I’ve ridden on just since waking up an hour or so ago? I hope that walking through this labyrinth of writers’ block with me is helpful to someone out there! Or that someone who’s been through it can offer some supportive comments! I’d love to hear from you, please write your comment below!

The Follow Up:

I’ve made my decision not to go. It would completely throw me off track in a big way from the gains I’ve made towards paying down my student loans this year. Plus I have a couple of other big expenses coming up. Something has to give. This is easily the biggest expense, and the return is uncertain. My goal with attending that conference was to connect with potential clients, other physical therapists like me who were interested in budgeting and aggressive paying down debt to reach financial freedom. My other big expense coming up is to pay for a financial counseling course, something which I know will be immensely valuable in establishing the foundation for my services. I’ll start a budget now to save for the conference for next year, when I’m more established. Whew! It feels so much better to have made that decision. Thank you writer’s block, for helping through this difficult decision.

Have a great day!

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