Blogmas Day 12: Celebrating a win!

On this twelfth day of “Blogmas,” I’m celebrating a win! My win is that I was able to keep up with blogging and posting every day for these 12 days. It’s  important to keep track and celebrate the wins, simply to spark a little joy as frequently as we can. It’s to avoid the burnout and drag of the daily grind. To pick ourselves back up after experiencing a set back. So we can face the world again after looking at an unfortunate reality.

Keeping track

In these past 12 days I’ve learned the importance of reflection. I’ve been spending time thinking about  my wins and successes, and how to pass on what valuable information I can in a way to help other people. It’s been really nice, to use my writing “muscles,” to feel them stretch and move and synthesize information from my brain to the page. I’ve noticed other people tracking things like how much they paid on their debt this year, how much interest they paid, how long they will have to pay. It’s like little snapshots of reality that keep us all motivated and on track. It helps to see the many people and amounts of money being paid off collectively. I owe $54,000 left on my student loans- a large number! But I feel supported by my community. Knowing that number, I was motivated to do my budget for next year, and figure out ways to pay it off sooner.

Sharing with others

I’ve also been posting related info in my instagram feed, @debtfreedpt. There I connect with folks who are active in sharing their debt journey as well. I’ve never met these people in person, but I feel as if I’ve joined a community. It fulfills a social aspect to my journey that I never knew I needed. It’s refreshing to be able to share your wins and even your challenges with others.

My hope is that sharing my experiences on this blog will help and inspire others to get and stay on the debt-free journey. For now, I plan to continue writing, and working on other ways to help people get debt-free and financially independent!

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