Blogmas Day 11: But WHY?

Within this question lies the backbone of all you will accomplish. Without knowing “Why,” the effort it takes to see something through to the finish peters out and disappears. The decisions you’ll need to make when faced with a crossroads will be difficult and take longer than they should. It will be hard to know when to stop and rest, or even when to stop at all.

Dondé está el baño?

Here’s the basic question. “Why are you doing this?” There is always a reason. Without a reason, the motive is gone. Why am I getting up from my cozy nest on the couch? Because… I have to go to the bathroom! I’m hungry! The baby’s crying! These are good examples of clear reasons “why”. It gets more complicated when you’re trying to reach a goal that is either far away or involves a lot of steps. At each step, you must still have a good reason, or else you’ll falter. Your effort won’t be as strong. You might get distracted and loose your focus. For example, if you have to go to the bathroom, and you’re somewhere where the bathroom is hard to find, you still go searching, right? I think women know this better than men! I know I’ve trekked far and long, then waited in line for relief! If I didn’t have to go that bad, there are chances that I’d choose not to walk so far, or wait in such a long line. I might get distracted by a pretty shiny object in a store!

What is your “Why”?

Here’s the reality. Paying off debt can be a long, hard road. If you aren’t clear about why you’re doing it, it’s easy to fall off the wagon of discipline and back into “just a little charge on the card…” or “It’s been a long day/week, I deserve this!” Unfortunately we don’t have as strong an internal pull towards paying debt as we do towards finding the toilet! I know, that’s a weird analogy. 😛

I’ve found it helpful to keep my “Why”s front and center. From yesterday’s post, I spoke about how after paying off my debt I’d love to start saving for retirement- but what I didn’t mention was how I also love traveling, adventure, and experiencing new things. I’m looking at my next 3 years and seeing that I’m planning to be so focused on paying this debt that I may not schedule as many adventures as I’d like. But I’m relishing the chance to buckle down a bit, because it only means I’ll reach my next level even sooner. And that next level involves investigating property to invest in, property that will perhaps serve as additional income as well as security in a place to live. And maaaybe, in an international location! It is just so exciting to think that I am finally living my dream, that I will finally not be tied down to this FEELING of a figurative BALL and CHAIN around my neck.

So that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it. What’s yours? What’s your why? I’d love to hear from you. Please make a comment down below and let me know!




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