12 Days of Blogmas

Happy holidays! I’ve been noticing a certain lag in the writing of this blog. I’ve gotten the instagram page going, been filming daily positivity videos, and linking to facebook and twitter. But what I would like to dedicate my time to now is writing. This is challenging because I know at first the writing is going to suck. I will look back on it and cringe! But as I’ve heard somewhere before, “Done is better than perfect.”

What to write about?

So to get past the initial road-blocks of “I don’t know what to write,” “I don’t like how the blog looks,” “Who is my audience?” and other such nonsense! I’m going to JUST WRITE. I recently heard about an app that helps you get past writers’ block- once you start write, if you stop for longer than 5 seconds, it DELETES all your work! So, while I don’t have this app, (maybe I’ll have to get it in the future!) I’m going to pretend I have it. And JUST WRITE.

Starting a new habit

Another tool I am using is habit. It’s not an app, it’s just that trick of the brain that once you’ve done something in the same way enough times, you begin to do it that way all the time. So my goal is to write every single morning for the next 12 days until Christmas. It may not be my best work but it will establish a habit that I can carry into the new year. I will also be developing my voice, and learning about my writing style. I’ve been told I was a good writer, and I did get a degree in literature, but never went after writing full-on, to make it my own. So that’s another goal I’m after.

Providing valuable content

My other goal is to provide valuable content. So if there’s anything you’d like to hear about, anything you’d like me to write more about, or have questions about, please ask! Use the comments section, send me an email, go to the facebook page and make a comment there, whatever it is I’d love to know. I want to serve my readers and the best way to do that is to ask what they want. Thank you for listening and I’m looking forward to see what comes of my @debtfreedpt project!


    • dr.rico

      Hi Zach! Thanks for your comment! So far, it’s proved to be true- writing as the hardest part about blogging. Which is interesting, because at the core, blogging IS writing! It does require thought and contemplation, and I’ve found my blocks usually arise when I contemplate myself into circles. It’s good to hear that your daily writing habit helped- that’s my intention at this point! Thanks again and have a great week!

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